We have several ways for you to enjoy Swings-N-Things


Choose from UNLIMITED ACCESS passes or pay-as-you-play options.  Swings-N-Things accepts Cash, MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card and Traveler’s Checks. We do NOT accept personal checks. There are NO REFUNDS or Rainchecks. Operating dates, hours and prices are subject to change without notice. . Swings-N-Things’ indoor attractions are open year-round.

To view hours and availability CLICK HERE  or call 440-235-4420.

You Can Now Enjoy Swings-N-Things with SEASON PASSES!

2022 All Day Unlimited Fun Packages (In Season)

Online Rates available IN SEASON ONLY and are not available in the month of October

At Park


Senior/Military/ 1st Responder

Karts Plus Pass  (min 48″ tall) $42.99 $37.99 $35.99
*NEW* Family 4-Pack of Karts Plus Passes  N/A $139.99
“Starlight” Karts Plus Pass (after 5pm) $34.99 N/A $29.99
Plus Pass (min 44″ tall) (NON-driver go karts) $32.99 $28.99 $27.99
“NEW” Family 4-Pack of Plus Pass N/A $89.99
“Starlight” Plus Pass (after 5pm) $24.99 N/A $21.99

Karts Plus Pass
At Park: $42.99
Online: $37.99
Senior/Military: $35.99

*NEW* 4-Pack of Karts Plus Passes
At Park: N/A
Online: $139.99

“Starlight” Karts Plus Pass (after 5pm)
At Park:  $34.99
Online: N/A
Senior/Military: $29.99

Plus Pass 
At Park: $32.99
Online: $28.99
Senior/Military: $21.99

*NEW* 4-Pack of Plus Pass (non driver Go Karts)
At Park: 131.96
Online: $89.99

“Starlight” Plus Pass (after 5pm)
At Park:  $24.99
Online: N/A

Pay-As-You-Play Individual Attraction Prices
(Youth is 3yrs-10yrs)

Adult Youth Senior/Military
Miniature Golf (one round/18 holes) $10.99 $8.99 $8.99
Grand Prix Track Go-Kart Ride (58″tall) $11.99 $11.99 $9.99
Grand Prix Track Passenger Ride (must be at least 3 yrs old and 40″ tall) $3.50
Rookie Track Go-Kart Ride   $8.99 $8.99
Bumper Boat Ride      $10.99  $8.99 $8.99
Bumper Boat Passenger Ride (Must be at least 3 yrs old and between 40″ and 52″ tall) $3.50
Camp Patriot- Outdoor Laser Tag- NOW OPEN (must be at least 6 yrs old and have close toed shoes)  $10.99 $8.99
Kid’s Korner  (Now Open) – Includes $2 in Gameplay $4.99
Gameroom Play in Gameroom:
SNTFUN Card initial purchase
 .50  N/A

Miniature Golf (one round/18 holes)
At Park: $10.99
Youth: $8.99
Senior/Military: $8.99

Grand Prix Track Go-Kart Ride (58″ tall)
Adult: $11.99
Youth: $11.99
Senior/Military: $9.99

Grand Prix Track Passenger Ride (must be at least 3 yrs old and 40″ tall)
At Park: $3.50

Rookie Track Go-Kart Ride
Adult: $8.99
Youth: $8.99