Park FAQ & Policies

Guidelines and Tips

Unlike most Parks, there is NO ADMISSION or “GATE CHARGE” to enter Swings-N-Things, you pay only for the attractions in which you choose to participate. Here is our Pricing Guide.

All OUTDOOR RIDE ATTRACTIONS and ALL DAY UNLIMITED PLAY WRISTBANDS may be purchased at the Personal Service Window located outside adjacent to the Miniature Golf Courses or Online (Save Online).

Paintball Village requires a separate admission for players but also has great viewing areas for spectators who do not wish to play (or pay). Purchase Paintball Village admissions, etc. at the Paintball Village Pro Shop located at the east end (rear) of Swings-N-Things or Online (Save Online).

It should be noted that Swings-N-Things was designed with plenty of seating areas throughout the park (inside and out) for parents to relax, maintain eye contact with their kids but not feel like they’re in the middle of a playground. This would be a great time to enjoy a scoop of your favorite ice cream flavor from our famous HOMEMADE ICE CREAM SHOPPE – The Ice Creamery! ENJOY YOUR VISIT!

Although Swings-N-Things does NOT have an ATM on the premises, Northwest Bank, located next to the park, has one in its lobby (available 24/7). The bank is approximately a two minute walk from Swings-N-Things parking lot. A sidewalk connects the two parking lots.  We do accept VISA, MasterCard, and Discover!

Diaper Changing facilities are available in both the Men’s and Women’s Restroom Area inside the Game Room Building located at the front (West End) of the park

Swings-N-Things does NOT accept personal checks and does NOT cash Payroll Checks.

Traveler’s Checks are accepted if presented under the standard rules of the company/bank who issued the check(s) in conjunction with a valid driver’s license of the person who the check is issued. Checks must be used towards your purchase.

Company or organizational Checks are accepted for GROUP OUTINGS if PRE-APPROVED prior to date of event.

To receive maximum value of Swings-N-Things UNLIMITED ALL DAY “KART’S PLUS PASS”, a guest must be at least 48” tall OR have a valid Driver’s License. Guests whose height may be in question are typically measured at the PERSONAL SERVICE WINDOW for retail guests or in one of the Picnic Areas for Group Outing Members. For the safety of children being measured, a standard play shoe which does not contribute excessively to the child’s height is permitted. Platform or any other similar shoes that artificially adds to the child’s height are prohibited to be worn in order to meet this height requirement.

If you are purchasing Karts Plus Passes on-line (save on-line), please measure anyone whose height may be in question VERY CAREFULLY prior to making your purchase! If after purchasing a Karts Plus Pass on-line (save on-line), you find after arriving at the Park that a member of your party you thought was tall enough is not, there is NO CASH REFUND. In this case, we will refund the difference in your choice of Gameroom ($.25/ value) or Batting ($1.00/ value) Tokens. We cannot emphasize enough how CLOSELY WE MEASURE and adhere to these rules. Parents cannot accept responsibility of allowing one of their children to ride if they do not meet the minimum requirement.

Credit Cards Accepted at Swings-N-Things

VISA, MasterCard and Discover are accepted at all cash registers throughout the park. NO other types of credit cards are acceptable for payment at Swings-N-Things.

NO foreign currency is accepted for payment, only U.S. Currency is accepted at Swings-N-Things.

Swings-N-Things Dress Code is designed to promote a family atmosphere throughout the park. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. Swim Trunks and Bathing Suits are NOT permitted.

Clothing items that display offensive terms, pictures, “artwork”, etc. that could be interpreted as threatening are strictly prohibited. These items include but are not limited to: profanity, obscene gestures, obscene statements, pictures or drawings of illegal substances, motorcycle colors, insignias of paramilitary groups or organizations, and gang related items/insignias on clothing. Additionally, any clothing, costumes, or disguises that conceal the identity of a guest are prohibited.

Swings-N-Things reserves the right to refuse admission to or ask any guest who refuses to comply with their dress code described above to leave the park. Please feel free to contact Swings-N-Things Main Office Monday – Friday from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm if you have any concerns or questions.

Swings-N-Things Gift Certificates are available in almost any denominations for any amount you wish. Online they are available in $10 and $25 quantities. Gift Certificates are dated and valid for two years from date of purchase. Gift Certificates may be purchased on-site at the Game Room Prize Counter during regular Game Room hours of operation, on-line at, or in Swings-N-Things Main Office Monday – Friday 9:00 – 4:00 pm during winter hours when the Park is not open weekdays. Please feel free to call (440) 235-4420 X 128 if you have any questions.

The certificates may be used for any attraction or food item at the park. Certificates must be used in their entirety at the time of redemption. Cash or credits cannot be given back for any unused portion of a certificate.


Swings-N-Things offers great discounted packages to groups of 10 – 2000 guests including a wide variety of All-You-Can-Eat Buffets. Corporate Outings/Picnics, Exclusive Events, Business Meetings, School, Church, Daycare and Day Camp Programs and Paintball Events are just a few of the types of groups that we host throughout the year. If you’ve got a group, we’ve got a GREAT package designed for you. Visit our comprehensive Group Outing section of this site for complete details or call (440) 235-4420 X 125.


It is extremely rare that a guest at Swings-N-Things cannot be accommodated due to their exceptional size. The only attractions with posted weight limits are the Bumper Boats which have a 450 pound maximum capacity. This includes the combined weight of the driver and passengers in the Bumper Boats. (Boats typically have one person/boat but can accommodate up to three total people IF the passengers are under 52″ and the combined weight does NOT exceed 450 lbs.)

All of our Go-Karts are equipped with four-point (Straps extending vertically down over each shoulder connected to a horizontal lap belt that is secured to the kart on each side) “Racing Harnesses” to provide maximum protection to our guests in the event of a collision while riding. Standard seat belt extenders are available to guests requiring them. Guests who have their own are welcome to use them.

All Go-Karts have “fixed” steering columns/wheels and seats (unlike many on-the-road vehicles that have adjustable seats and steering wheels). The distance from the bottom of the steering wheel to the back of the seat is 20”. The driver must be able to maneuver the steering wheel without being impeded by their body for the safety of themselves and other riders. The distance between the accelerator and brake pedals is 39”. Seat cushions of various thicknesses are available to insert between themselves and the seat to those riders who have difficulty comfortably reaching the pedals. All of our Grand Prix Go-Karts have an “open-body” design allowing most guests who are extremely tall to drive without their knees being impeded by a body of a Go Kart.

Our Rookie Karts are available to EVERYONE (Adult or Child) who are at least 48” tall or have a valid driver’s license. Similar to the Grand Prix Karts, the distance between the seat and the bottom of the steering wheel is 20”. Since these Karts are designed primarily for the enjoyment of our younger riders, the distance between the pedals and the seat is only 32” (7” shorter than the Grand Prix Karts). Seat pads are available to those riders who have difficulty comfortably reaching the pedals. Unlike the Grand Prix Karts, the Rookie Karts have a fiberglass body which does impact the leg room of taller riders.

Line jumping (cutting in front of other guests) is strictly prohibited. If observed line jumping, you likely will be barred from that attraction for the remainder of the day. Any additional incidents throughout the same day will lead to automatic dismissal from the park without refund, no matter what the reason!

Once you leave your place in line, you have forfeited it. Additionally, saving a place in line, including saving a space for someone in the restroom, is also strictly prohibited. If a group of guests wish to enter an attraction together and one or more of their members are not present, they should wait until all members that wish to participate together are ready and then enter the line together.

Small box lockers are available for rental in the Game Room adjacent to Kid’s Korner. The rental fee is just $.25/opening (1 quarter). Locker dimensions are: 11” W x 12” H x 16”D.

Items may NOT be left in lockers overnight. Lockers are made available to provide our guests with a safe, secure area to store items that they do not wish to carry around the park during their visit. We cannot permit guests to use chairs, booths, and tables in our dining area to be used as places to leave such items.

Larger lockers are also available at Paintball Village for paintball player’s equipment. These lockers are only available on weekends when Paintball Village is open. Guests are required to utilize their own locks and these locks MUST be removed at the end of each day. Locks left on lockers overnight will be cut off. There is NO charge for the use of these lockers.

All items found or turned into Swings-N-Things are kept in the Game Room Office for the remainder of the day they are found or turned in. If you have lost an item during your visit to Swings-N-Things, simply go to the Game Room Prize Counter to inquire if it has been found or turned in. If it has not yet been found or turned in, fill-out an “Item Lost” Form and when/if it is returned we will notify you immediately.

When items are found or turned in, they are recorded with a description of the item, where it was found and the time/date, etc. Typically, our Park Manager-On-Duty will respectfully look for any identification on the item that would allow him/her to make an announcement over the Public Address System while you may still be in the Park or to notify you via phone that the item has been found. If another guest turned in the lost item, their contact information is also kept in the event you wish to personally thank or reward that person.

At the end of each day, any items not claimed will be secured in Swings-N-Things Main Office. If you realize later that you have lost an item, possibly during a visit to Swings-N-Things, simply call (440) 235-4420 X 105 and report your loss. We will keep your report active for 30 days in the event the item is found later. For any item that is being claimed, please understand for the protection of the owner, we will require a positive identification of the person and an accurate description of the lost item.

Swings-N-Things is pleased to offer a military discount rate for Karts Plus Passes and Plus Passes during the months that these passes are available. Valid ID is required (ID must say “Active” or “Retired”). The discount applies to all active and retired military personnel and their immediate family members (spouse, children, parents, grandparents, and grandchildren)

If the military person is currently deployed on active duty, the family members are eligible for the military discount as long as they present/show a current military family ID when purchasing passes. Additional picture ID’s may be required.

Since this program is not one that our Point-Of-Sale Team Members typically handle, there may be a slight delay at the Personal Service Window while the Park Manager-On-Duty is called to verify ID’s and assist.

Active, retired and honorably discharged members of the military may purchase a Karts Plus Pass or a Plus Pass at a discount (check the pricing here). Please present a valid Military ID at the Personal Service Window. Accepted IDs include: Active Duty ID, Retired Personnel ID, VA Medical System Picture ID, Copy of DD-214 discharge papers (Please do not bring the original) along with a photo ID (driver’s license, etc.) for confirmation.

Guests are NOT permitted to bring outside food or beverages into the park. Swings-N-Things offers great Pizza, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs, Nachos and their fabulous Homemade Ice Cream that is made using only the very best ingredients right on the premises. We are proud to serve Pepsi Cola products, including Aquafina bottled water.

Parking is ALWAYS FREE at Swings-N-Things. Additionally, our paved, lighted lot is conveniently positioned so that in most cases you are only a few steps from entering one of our entrances to the Park. Spaces reserved for “Handicap Parking” are conveniently located and marked adjacent to the Park Entrances. Parking Lots are regularly patrolled by staff and security personnel but Swings-N-Things cannot be responsible for any items lost, stolen or damage done to vehicles while at the Park. We strongly recommend that all vehicles be locked and valuables not be left in view in the passenger portion of your vehicle.

As much as Swings-N-Things Owners and Management Team love pets, in respect to our guests who may have a fear of animals and other safety and health concerns, we must prohibit pets from being brought into the Park.

Approved Service Animals are always welcome! 

Service animals are always welcome at Swings-N-Things. Guests requiring the assistance of a service animal are limited to one animal per guest. Service animals must be controlled by a leash or harness while on the premises. For the animal’s safety, service animals are not permitted to ride on the Go-Kart Tracks, be in the Batting Range or in the slide area of the Kid’s Korner. They are also not permitted on the Paintball Fields at Paintball Village. The service animals of guest’s who participate on these attractions, must remain with a non-participating member of the guest’s party.

Service animals who demonstrate aggressive actions towards other guests or Swings-N-Things Team Members will not be permitted to remain in the park.

Swings-N-Things has several large beautiful Picnic Areas that are reserved exclusively for PRE-SCHEDULED GROUP OUTINGS! Guests that are not part of a group that has pre-arranged for a catered meal are not permitted to use these areas or to bring “outside food & beverages” onto Swings-N-Things property.

Plan a group outing along with a delicious catered meal and enjoy a reserved picnic area ALL DAY LONG. Unlike other parks that only provide groups with seating only during your catered meal time – our picnic areas along with large grass areas are for your group to play, socialize and enjoy all day long!

Sorry, picnic baskets, coolers and outside food is strictly prohibited.




Please be aware in the event of inclement weather and certain or all outside attractions are forced to temporarily close, there are


RAIN CHECK POLICY:  If you purchased a KARTS PLUS PASS, a PLUS PASS, or a BATTING PASS and the delay lasts longer than 30 minutes, and you purchased your pass within 3 hours of the delay, and you do not wish to continue, you will receive a Rain Check for the Pass that you purchased that will be valid for the remainder of SNT’s 2020 Outdoor Season.  You MUST return your Unlimited Play Wristband in exchange for your rain check within 15 minutes after the 30-minute delay period has passed. 


For Individual Attraction Passes

Please be aware in the event of inclement weather and certain or all outside attractions are forced to temporarily close, there are


If you purchased a round of Miniature Golf and you are on a course when the delay begins, and you do not wish to wait for the weather to clear, you will receive a RAIN CHECK valid for one round of golf for the remainder of the SNT 2020 Season. 

If you purchased an individual ride ticket for a go-kart or bumper boat ride and the ride was stopped before it’s completion due to lightning, you will be given a replacement ticket valid for the remainder of the SNT Outdoor Season.

If you are batting and play is stopped immediately due to lightening, you will be given a replacement token that is valid for the remainder of the SNT Batting Range Season.

The use of roller skates, roller blades, scooters, bicycles, tricycles, healies/wheelies, and skate boards are not permitted anywhere on Swings-N-Things property. For guests riding a bicycle to the Park, we have bike racks located outside the Main Entrance to the Game Room and the Main Entrance to Paintball Village. Swings-N-Things cannot be held responsible for the safety of these items while you are in the Park. It is strongly suggested that you secure your bike with a good quality locking devise to the rack. We strongly suggest that you NOT bring these other items to the Park.

Swings-N-Things is extremely proud to have one of the best, if not the best safety record within the Family Fun Park Industry. Early this year, Swings-N-Things was the 1st Family Fun Park ever to be awarded the PLATINUM LEVEL (Highest attainable) of Operations as part of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) sponsored Insurance Program for the Family Entertainment Industry.

This type of recognition does not come easily. Swings-N-Things Ownership and Management Team have always made SAFETY THEIR TOP PRIORITY! The training of our dedicated Team Members, the design of all of our attractions and the condition of our equipment are all integral parts of the equation that leads to acknowledgements such as this.

Prior to opening each day, each Go-Kart, Bumper Boat, Pitching Machine, Miniature Golf Hole, Play Area, Common areas, etc. are inspected and tested by Swings-N-Things Maintenance Team and Operations’ Leaders. Being a Family Owned and Operated Business on the same corner for the past 30 years, nothing is taken more seriously than the safety of our guests and Team Members.

To assure that you and your family have a safe and enjoyable visit to Swings-N-Things, we strongly suggest that you follow these procedures while at the Park:

  • Read ALL RULES SIGNAGE at each attraction. If you have a question on any rule or procedure, ask a Swings-N-Things Team Member for clarification before you enter. If you are aware of anyone in your group who may not be able to read or unable to read English, please be sure that someone in your party reviews the rules with them OR approach a Swings-N-Things Team Member at that attraction and they will be happy to review each and every rule with that person.
  • If someone in your group cannot speak English or is deaf, please alert a Swings-N-Things Team Member at that attraction. In this situation, we would ask that someone who might be accompanying this person, to assist us in relaying the Recorded Rules Message that is played prior to ALL Rides at the Go-Karts and Bumper Boats. This would also give this person the opportunity to ask any questions they may have. Unfortunately, we can only help in these situations when we are made aware of them.
  • If you have never been to Swings-N-Things before, or if you have never experienced a particular attraction before, you may want to observe a ride or two in the case of Go-Karts or Bumper Boats to allow yourself to become familiar with that attraction. Watching a round of batting at the Batting Range would also be helpful to you. These are not posted or required rules, only suggestions meant to enhance your experience while at the Park!
  • Do NOT hesitate to ask questions or ask for help, we are here to make your day at Swings-N-Things a memorable experience.

Accidents and injuries, although extremely rare and uncommon, are still possible. Our FIRST PRIORITY IS ALWAYS YOUR SAFETY AND WELL-BEING. In the rare instance that you may be injured in the Park, we will do everything in our power to be sure you are given appropriate First Aid and if needed we will call for additional Medical Assistance.

It is our policy to compile a written report on any and all accidents and/or injuries that take place on our premises. These reports are solely for our internal records and are not shared with anyone else. In the unlikely event you are injured or become ill at the park, please report this to one of our operational hubs (Personal Service Window located next to the Miniature Golf Course or at the Prize Counter inside the Gameroom) prior to leaving the Park.

If you are injured as a result of an incident with another guest (i.e. collision with another Go-Kart), please try to provide as much information on who was the other driver, their Kart Number, etc. to a Swings-N-Things Team Member working at that attraction as soon as possible. Ohio has a law called “The Rider Responsibility Act” that makes another guest responsible if their actions while on a ride cause another guest to be injured.

For the comfort of all of our guests and in accordance with the State of Ohio Revised Code, smoking is PROHIBITED INSIDE ALL BUILDINGS and also while standing in lines at the Go-Kart Tracks, the Bumper Boats and the Outside Serving Windows at the Ice Creamery.