Glow Birthday Party 


  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS for 1½ Hours in our Exciting Glow Party Room where everything glows from the walls to the plates- even the cups!  When you're done in the party area, you're welcome to enjoy our beautiful facility and attractions until closing.
  • A Party Host or Hostess that will welcome you when you arrive and coordinate your time in the Glow Party Room (1½ hrs.) from beginning to end.  This assures that Mom, Dad and everyone else can share in the fun and not have to be concerned with the details.
  • Each guest will receive a GLOW Necklace and Bracelet to take home AND the Birthday Person receives an amazing Blinking, Glow Hat and a Blinking Cup to take home. Guests can decorate the tables with glowing markers while they're in the party room too!
  • Each guest will receive a LARGE slice of Swings-N-Things Delicious Pizza.  Our LARGE SLICE is from  a Family Size 16" diameter pizza that we cut into 8 slices.  We will be happy to cut these into smaller pieces if they are too big for our younger guests to handle.
  • Pitchers of Soda with unlimited refills during the duration of your party area time (only for paid guests).
  • Each guest will receive 90 minutes of UNLIMITED VIDEO GAME PLAY in our Gameroom.  UNLIMITED MINI BOWLING is also INCLUDED with this period does NOT include redemption/prize games). Time starts at 1st swipe.
  • Each guest will also receive $5 in Gameplay (INCLUDES Redemption/Prize Games) in the Gameroom + a FREE SNTFUN Card (besure to have your guests register their cards for future specials and rewards).
  • Unlimited play in Kids Korner for any guests 10 & under.
  • FREE Birthday Invitations that you can print out or send via email.
  • A private visit from our Mascot, Dutchess!


  • An additional $5 in Game Play in the Gameroom for a total of $10 in Game Play that includes Redemption/Prize Games
  • 30 seconds of fun in our NEW Money Machine where they can win over 1,000 tickets!
  • Birthday Salute announcement that can be heard throughout the entire park.

                   ALL of this FOR ONLY $160 plus tax for up to 8 guests!

  • Additional guests are $19.99 + tax per guest
  • OUR EXCLUSIVE GLOW PARTY ROOM holds a maximum of 20 guests.


Glow Birthday Party ADD-ONS:

With all that Swings-N-Things has to offer, you can "design" your party to be as extravagant and fun-filled as you like!  Take a few moments to review the extra options that are available to you:


  • Add $5 in Game Play for each guest for just $4 per person (includes Redemption/Prize Games)

Food & Drink ADDITIONS:

  • Decorated Birthday Cake
    • Vanilla or Chocolate both with white icing
    • Serves up to 16 guests
    • Add $15.00 + tax/ cake
  • Scoop of our Famous Homemade Ice Cream
    • We make our own Homemade Ice Cream right here at the park. If you've never had it, you're in for a real treat!
    • Choose from Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry
    • Add $2.75 + tax/ person
  • Bag of Cotton Candy
    • Add $1.75/ bag
  • ​Food Party Package
    • For those members of your party not wanting the attraction components of the "Glow Birthday Party Package" (usually parents of the kids, adult family members such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.) we offer the "Food Party Package".  The Food Party Package entitles these guests to a slice of Pizza and Soft Drink. Purchase of the Food Party Package also guarantees them a reserved seat in the Party Area so they can be a part of all the Birthday Festivities.
    • Food Party Packages may NOT exceed the number of Glow Party Birthday Packages purchased.  Please read "The Party Requirements" to familiarize yourself with the Birthday Party Rules and the specific rules related to Food Party Packages before making your reservation.
    • Add $2.99 + tax/ person for each Food Party Package
  • Large (16" diameter) Cheese Pizza
    • Family Size- Ideal for parents of the guests who may be waiting outside the Party Area and are not taking part in the party OR just to add to the available food for party attendees.
    • Add $13.99 + tax/ pizza
  • Large (16" diameter) Pepperoni Pizza
    • Add $15.99 + tax/ pizza
  • Pitcher of Soda
    • Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Mug Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, Tropicana Fruit Punch, Tropicana Pink Lemonade, Twister Orange, Brisk Iced Tea (sweetened & unsweetened) Flavors subject to change without notice.
    • Add $4.60 + tax/ pitcher